Sunday, December 30, 2012

New house

I have finally taken some pics of our new house to show everyone! We are definitely not done decorating and buying furniture. We are coming from a smaller house, so we are still getting things to fill the spaces. We love it though!
This is the view of the mountains from the master bedroom
Master bedroom view #1

Master bedroom view #2

Master bathroom #1

Master bathroom #2

 Dominic's bathroom

Dominic's room

Dom's playroom #1 he loves that ball pit!

Dom's playroom #2

Tiny laundry room

Spencer's office. He just got a new desk (on the left) and hasn't moved the old one out yet

extra room, dog room for now haha


front room. This room will be awesome one day! I want a black or grey couch and a black coffee day

Half bathroom and space for a mudroom (future project)

Living room. This room is HUGE and we haven't figured out how to decorate and fill it with furniture yet

Dining room and kitchen

close-up of the kitchen. I love the kitchen and the staggered cabinets!!

Well there it is!

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