Sunday, December 30, 2012

New house

I have finally taken some pics of our new house to show everyone! We are definitely not done decorating and buying furniture. We are coming from a smaller house, so we are still getting things to fill the spaces. We love it though!
This is the view of the mountains from the master bedroom
Master bedroom view #1

Master bedroom view #2

Master bathroom #1

Master bathroom #2

 Dominic's bathroom

Dominic's room

Dom's playroom #1 he loves that ball pit!

Dom's playroom #2

Tiny laundry room

Spencer's office. He just got a new desk (on the left) and hasn't moved the old one out yet

extra room, dog room for now haha


front room. This room will be awesome one day! I want a black or grey couch and a black coffee day

Half bathroom and space for a mudroom (future project)

Living room. This room is HUGE and we haven't figured out how to decorate and fill it with furniture yet

Dining room and kitchen

close-up of the kitchen. I love the kitchen and the staggered cabinets!!

Well there it is!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun times

I'm just gonna upload some pics for this post. :)
Here is the little man, painting for the first time.
I have never seen a cuter little boy in my whole life!

Dom and I went to the zoo with my brother Logan, and his friend Danielle.

He was throwing water on that little girl. What a stinker!

Mom and Dom

I put together a family picnic with my dad, stepmom and siblings. It was pretty difficult to work around everyone's work schedule, but I'm glad we made it work! Everyone was there except for Spencer, who was at the SLC Beer Fest that day.

Dom's first time bowling

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Rock Relay Zion 2012

Earlier this month, I went down to Zion for the Red Rock Relay Zion. It was an 187 mile relay with a team of 12 runners. It took us about 35 hours to finish the race (running day and night!). It was definitely a challenging race. I ran my 3 legs at 5 PMish, 4:30 AM, and then my last leg was in the afternoon the next day ( I don't remember what time it was). 
Here is 5 of the 6 runners in my van (the 6th runner was running).
Getting ready for my first leg!

My van after we finished our first legs. Me, Eric, Kirsten, Trish, Tre and Clint

Such a fun place to run.

The WHOLE team at the finish line. We had cute matching shirts that said, "run Lauren run" or "run Kirsten run", etc

Eric and Clint (ignore that girl in a sports bra behind us!!)

Kirsten and I

At the finish line

Kirsten and I with the team captain, Jen

This was a tough run and I don't think I would do another relay like this, but I did have fun and don't regret doing it! I am proud to say that I ran the most miles of all the girls on the team, 19.1 miles!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 favorites

I am currently OBSESSED with these 2 songs!!! Olly Murs-Heart skips a beat and Alex Clare-Too close. Love them !

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enjoying the summer

I was doing a good job at keeping the blog updated, but I ended up skipping a few weeks and now I have a ton to catch up on! We are still loving the warm weather and keeping ourselves busy this summer.
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Gak (, so I went ahead and made some for Dom. I think it was a little too sticky, next time I'll add more of the liquid starch. He thought it was pretty cool, but I thought he would be a little more excited than he actually was. Oh well! You win some, you lose some.

We got Dominic this cute new sprinkler. He doesn't really run through it, he mostly just fills his cups up with water from it. Funny kid.

For some reason, this boy LOVES to sweep the floor. He must think it's pretty cool because he sees us sweeping up his thrown food all the time. ;)

I love this pic of his messy yogurt face!

We went to the Roy Days Carnival on August 3rd. There wasn't a lot going on and Dominic wasn't big enough to go on any of the rides. So I went in the bouncey house with him. He seemed to have a lot of fun. The house even deflated when we were in it...twice!

Enjoying some cotton candy!

On the 4th, we went to our friend's annual luau. We got dressed up, ate good food, and watched the fireworks. Dominic didn't seem to care for the fireworks and even feel asleep half way through the show.

On the morning of the 4th, we ran the Roy Days 5k. My sister, Hillery, even ran it with us! I pushed Dominic in the jogging stroller and ran it in 32 minutes, I don't remember Tyler and Spencer's times but they got 1st and 3rd place in their division. And Hillery ran it in 38 minutes, good job everyone!

I decided to get Dom and I out of the house for the afternoon and we went to the Botanical Gardens. I shouldn't have been surprised, but there were bees EVERYWHERE! I can't believe neither of us got stung!
Dominic had fun running around and throwing sticks. :)
Look at all that hair!!
Getting ready to jump off the rock!
This last weekend we went to the Weber County Fair. Dominic was scared of the goats and cows, but loved the chickens! He got all excited and started hitting the chicken cage. He even started following a chicken that was just walking around outside of the cages.

His new sword.

Clapping while up on daddy's shoulders

I just thought this one was funny :)

Having fun splashing water and making a mess in this HUGE hot tub.
This cute family joined us at the fair!

I loved the Air Force Museum as a little kid and I decided that it was time for Dominic to go see all the old airplanes!

Sitting in the jet simulator thingy. I like how he knew just what to do with that computer mouse. Such a smart boy!
These are just some cute pics of my sweet little boy.  I just love him!